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Admit: M.S in Engineering ManagementNortheastern University, USA

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Aishwarya M
B.Tech in Biotechnology
VIT Vellore
M.S in Biotechnology

” Their seminar on GRE prep & MS admissions resonated with me. Juggling classes & college commitments, the flexibility of online GRE prep & the ability to set my deadlines were a huge selling point.  My responses & preferred countries were factored in to create a meticulously curated shortlist of universities focused on Biotechnology. These weren’t just random picks – they were categorized as ambitious, practical, and safe options, giving me a clear picture of my reach. Each university’s profile detailed research areas, finances, admission requirements, & other crucial information.

Galvanize editors meticulously reviewed my SOP through several iterations, significantly enhancing its formality while preserving my unique voice. The final draft for each university was then tailored to showcase my interest in specific professors, curriculum details, & infrastructure, demonstrating a genuine fit with each program. The admission counselors were my constant support system throughout the process. Their valuable feedback kept me on track, & their understanding nature was a lifesaver when I faced an early application deadline. They ensured everything was submitted on time, & their prompt responses to my questions regarding GRE/TOEFL exams, applications, & even visas were invaluable. They even helped me craft emails to professors regarding research opportunities, demonstrating their commitment to my success beyond just test scores.

Overall, my experience with Galvanize was exceptional. They were incredibly helpful at every stage of the admissions process, from initial application to obtaining my visa, especially during the challenges posed by the pandemic. They addressed all my questions, provided valuable feedback and guidance, and were consistently kind and supportive”

Kiran D
B.Tech in Computer Science
VIT Vellore
M.S in Computer Science

“I had a great experience with Galvanize. I heard about Galvanize through Google research, and the excellent reviews made me enroll iwith them. I wanted to pursue a master’s abroad to gain international exposure with the best quality education.

With this intention, I started my admission process with Galvanize. The admissions counseling program was excellent, and the counselor helped me throughout the tedious process.

The team guided me right from scratch, including the shortlisting of colleges till the documentation process. The team was available even after office hours to guide me if I had any doubts or queries. They clarified all my queries with utmost clarity.

With the team’s expertise and support, I have got an admit to NYU in Computer Science. I highly recommend Galvanize to everyone who has dreams of pursuing their master’s abroad.”

Karan M
B.Tech in Computer Science
VIT Vellore
M.S in Data Science

“I discovered Galvanize through Google Search & also attended a few seminars. My goal was to partner with them to access better opportunities and receive the best possible help while chasing my higher education dreams.

Galvanize guided me through the process of shortlisting and applying to universities. Their assistance was invaluable in helping me narrow down my choices and complete the necessary documentation.

I was particularly impressed by their support from the initial stages of shortlisting to the final touches on my Letters of Recommendation and Statement of Purpose.

Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Galvanize to anyone looking to kickstart their university application process.”

Sucheta N
B.Tech in Electrical / Electronics Engineering
VIT Vellore
Master of Business Administration 

“I heard about Galvanize through searching on the net. I know Galvanize as I have taken the GRE Program thrice from Galvanize. It has helped me a lot which made me take up this for my MBA Application.  I enrolled with Galvanize for their Admissions Counseling services. As a working professional, it was very difficult to find time to research universities & compare them to sort them out as per your criteria.

My Counselor helped in shortlisting the universities by taking my preferences into account & shortlisted 12 universities. Of those 12, I shortlisted 6 Universities. So, this entire process reduced my burden & made my work very smooth. The documentation process is very systematic & organized at Galvanize & they did a wonderful job with my application. I had to give inputs on my document & they would give feedback for the same & suitably change it. The team is very good and hardworking. They make sure to regularly follow up &  thanks to their dedication I could apply on time. My counselor was very supportive and approachable and cleared my doubts.

My experience with Galvanize is very good & I would suggest students go for Galvanize online admission counseling for their MBA admission process”

Dinesh K
B.Tech in Computer Science
VIT Vellore
M.S in Computer Science

“One of my friends introduced me to Galvanize. The advice & guidance I received from Galvanize were excellent & very helpful. My experience with Galvanize admission counseling was exceptional. The team was outstanding, always ready to assist, & provided unwavering support. They diligently monitored my tasks, kept me informed about requirements & deadlines, & ensured I stayed on track. The editorial team performed exceptionally well, delivering flawless SOPs & LORs. A special mention goes to the counselors who guided me throughout the process & consistently updated me on my admission status. I highly recommend the Galvanize team to anyone seeking assistance for higher education. I am immensely grateful to Galvanize for facilitating my admission to Georgia State University.

Throughout the entire admission process, the Galvanize team stood by me diligently, guiding me from profile analysis to a successful US visa interview. They were always available to address any questions or concerns my family and I had. Thanks to the thorough assistance provided by Galvanize. Without their invaluable assistance, it would not have been possible for me to receive admission offers from all the universities I applied to”

Saketh S
B.Tech in Computer Science
M.S in Data Science

“First, I thought of taking coaching for GRE & IELTS. I researched a few companies that offer GRE coaching. Among those, Galvanize had the best reviews. The most important thing I liked about Galvanize is that there are no lengthy videos for every topic, which is the best thing I liked about Galvanize. Every topic was covered in a phased manner according to our ability. I heard about a few companies that will give lectures for 1.5 hours even if we get bored. The short videos & a few learning methodologies in Galvanize are good. The support from the team was really helpful. Whenever I was stuck, they helped me throughout. Before my GRE, I was confused about the university. They connected me with an Admissions counselor, & I was writing the first exam, and it got terminated; I was worried.

They encouraged me to register again, & this way, they supported me to go through it again. In every aspect, they help, & that I found very encouraging. Their GRE prep analyses every question & suggests personalized focus areas. It analyzes & tells you where you need to improve & concentrate. This methodology is unique & has helped me significantly improve myself. I recommend Galvanize due to the outcome that I got, and they took me through the whole process. I am very grateful to the entire team of Galvanize for supporting me and making me score good marks.”

K Yashwant 
B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
VIT Vellore
M.S in Computer Science

“My journey with Galvanize was just amazing. It would have been very hectic if I had not chosen Galvanize. My friend suggested I enroll with Galvanize. The documentation process was just flawless.

The SOP, Resume, and LOR guidance were perfect, as the team helped me polish the content and lifted my profile in a very positive way. I am glad that Galvanize offered the documentation process as a part of the package itself. My counselor was very supportive & very patient in clarifying all the doubts I had until I got admitted to my dream college.

The team’s responses were instant; even after working hours, they were available for me. The University shortlisting process was excellent. The Galvanize portal is user-friendly as it tracks all the documents, including the applications and their deadlines.

The Pricing was the most attractive thing about Galvanize. The package was affordable and came with a great discount offer.”

Pranesh C
B.Tech in Industrial Engineering
VIT Vellore
M.S in Mechanical Engineering

“I wish to go abroad for quality education and exposure to global culture and to obtain a lot of experience. I came to know about Galvanize through a webinar, and then I searched for the organization on Google.

Galvanize felt more personalized than other admission counseling providers. I became confident that Galvanize could help by bringing out the best in my Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation, and that it would give me quality guidance with personal attention.

The shortlisting process went smoothly, and I received a lot of assistance from the assigned counselor. The highlight was that I was able to address my uncertainties right away with the assistance of the personal counselor assigned to me.

The documentation process is very systematic. They followed an iteration process through which I was able to create several drafts of the required documents with the assistance of the editors.”

Govinda M
B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
VIT Vellore
M.S in Computer Engineering

“When I was planning to apply to universities, I came to know about Galvanize and reached out to them. I was assigned an admission counselor who guided me so well. The way he handled the entire process was appreciable.

I was given a shortlist of universities based on various factors and preferences that perfectly worked out for me. The best part about Galvanize is its editorial team. My SOP was designed very well by taking some input from me. I applied to 6 universities and got admitted to four and I am very happy that I gained admission to my dream school.”

I strongly believe my SOP and LORS are the main reasons for getting my admit and my process was smooth and professional with Galvanize. I would thank the entire Galvanize team for their assistance and support the entire time. I strongly recommend Galvanize for every student as I can vouch that you will have a great experience with them.”

Varad D 
B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering
VIT Vellore
M.S in Industrial Engineering

“I came to know about Galvanize from some of my friends. They were satisfied with the service Galvanize provided. I checked the reviews online & talked with one of the advisors at Galvanize. I followed Galvanize Test Prep’s plan which worked out quite well for me. Galvanize has a lot of practice problems on its platform for both Quants & Verbal. But apart from a good enough GRE score, your overall profile is very important.  So I took their Admissions Counseling service as well. Galvanize editors draft all of them for you & it’s really helpful. Drafts for my SOP & LORs were well written. The universities that were shortlisted for me were very well thought out based on my overall academic profile. The documentation process is very easy to follow and Galvanize is always ready to help. They make sure they answer all your queries. Counselors are very professional & helpful. I’m really happy that I chose to enroll in Admission Counseling.

I managed to secure admission from multiple universities in the US with the help of Galvanize. The website UI is also well-designed. College website links, and application deadlines are all mentioned on the front page which makes things easier to follow and navigate through.”

 Gagan K
B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering
VIT Vellore
M.S in  Computer Science

“I hunted for online preparatory courses for TOEFL and found Galvanize after reading some good reviews. For the requirement of a better quality of education and a wide range of experience, and to gain interaction with people from various backgrounds, I aspired to study a master’s program, and I enrolled with Galvanize to qualify myself with the prerequisites.

The provided assignments and practice tests helped me score great marks by building confidence in me. I was able to score 108 on the actual test with the help of Galvanize.

Thank you, Galvanize.”

 Atharva B
B.Tech in Information Technology
VIT Vellore
M.S in Business Information Systems

“My name is Atharva and I am from Maharashtra. I searched about Galvanize online and found it to be very authentic after reading the good reviews. I contacted them and took Galvanize as my preparation tool for IELTS. So, while preparing for IELTS, I checked the services provided on the website, and I got to know more about Galvanize.

They guided me very well. So, I thought I should proceed with the Galvanize and hence enrolled with them. The counselors are just great at guiding and supporting us. They build our resume, and SOP and take care of the visa process too. I was admitted to Monash University. This is because of the constant support I received from my counselor. Every time I had doubts, the counselor guided me in every possible way. I would appreciate the efforts of my counselor regarding the visa process as I was in a last-minute rush.

My counselor, despite recovering immediately from his sickness, tirelessly worked in processing all my documents with utmost sincerity. He provided suggestions to choose the universities based on my requirements and learning needs. My counselor kept asking me the details with patience throughout my visa process to prepare me well. The entire process was seamless only by the expert counselor’s advice.”

Atul G
VIT Vellore
GRE Score- 329
Verbal- 163 Quant- 166

I first discovered Galvanize through a Google search. I am considering pursuing higher education in either Computer Science or a related field to open up various opportunities for myself. Galvanize played a crucial role in assisting me with the admission process, particularly with my visa application. I am incredibly grateful to the team for their guidance and for addressing all of my concerns throughout the process.

They helped me navigate a stressful period and provided continuous support. I am particularly impressed by their online portal, which efficiently tracks completed tasks and pending items.

Overall, I believe Galvanize offers excellent admissions counseling services.

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Co-Founder & CEO

MBA., IIM Ahmedabad

Pavithra Srinivasan

Co-Founder & COO

M.S, Stanford University

Sriram Venkataraman

Co-Founder & Chief Product Architect

B.Tech, IIT Madras

Jayanthy Ramakrishnan 

 Head of Admissions

Ph.d., University of Tennessee

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