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What's unique about Galvanize SAT Prep?

1. Personalized Guidance

  • We’ll design a Personalized SAT Study Plan for you, based on your needs & goals.
  • Receive in-depth Personalized Feedback Reports to improve your performance after every full-length SAT Practice Test.
  • Take full advantage of ‘Unlimited Ask-an-Expert’!
  • Ask and receive clarification for any questions during your SAT online preparation until you’re confident about the concepts & problem sets in our SAT course.

2. Top-notch Study Material

  • Trusted Content crafted by SAT Experts (from Stanford & IITs) and perfected through 100’s hours of teaching real students like you!
  •  20+ hours of crystal clear online video lessons 
  • 1500+ high-quality questions & explanations
  • 65+ Practice Assessments
  • 5 full-length online SAT Practice Tests ( ‘Mock Tests’)

3. Effective Pedagogy

  • Learn from highly experienced SAT instructors.
  • Our experts can identify gaps in their students’ understanding, tailor instruction, & meet the needs of every student.
  • Turn your exam fear into fun with effective & engaging teaching methodologies (aka ‘pedagogy) 

4. Atomic Analytics

  •  Make quick, consistent progress with personalized feedback on your performance. Receive useful stats on each & every question attempt.
  • Get to know your strengths & weaknesses across various topics. Most excitingly, track your predicted SAT Score from Day 1 till Test Day!

5. Constant Support

  • Get a Dedicated Course Manager for your SAT preparation to help you stick to your Study Plan. Receive the encouragement & motivation that we know is key to success.
  • Rely on super fast technical support if you ever happen to need it. Reach out whenever you need help or have queries – just one message away!

6. Convenient & Flexible

  • Study anytime, anywhere, with 24×7 online access. Hectic schedules or school assignments WON’T get in the way of a high SAT score anymore!
  • Practice on the go with our FREE Android & iOS apps. Get the biggest bang for your SAT buck! Trust us. You will love the Galvanize experience.

Look what Pradyut says about Galvanize:

” The teaching methodology was systematic where we go to a chapter,& solve certain problems…

Our Proven Success Formula for High SAT Scores

Highly Personalized 1:1 Teaching with

Customized SAT Study Plan 
1-1 Monthly Meeting With Parents
30+ hours of Video Lessons
65+ Practice Assessments
1500+ Practice Questions
Unlimited Ask-an-Expert
Weekly Assignments & Reminders
5 Full-Length SAT Mock Tests
  • In-Depth Analytics & Insights
  • Personalized Feedback Report

 Note: Our SAT online course require:

A PC/Computer

 Audio facility 

Internet connectivity

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