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So how did Galvanize guide IITians to their dream course abroad? Read on to find out:

Hridibrata P
B.Tech in  Mechanical
GRE Score- 326
IIT Roorkee
PhD in Electrical Engineering & CS

“I can vouch for Galvanize. I enrolled in the 90-day verbal course which helped me to increase my verbal score from 146 to 160. I got a total score of 326 on my GRE. Galvanize provides a very efficient personalized study plan that is tailored to our needs and expectations. So anyone with a busy schedule and who wants to stay on track for GRE preparation should go for it. Their videos provide important tips to ace the GRE and the practice questions are at par with the level of the actual GRE. The RC questions on the GRE are very tricky and Galvanize has ample practice questions and video explanations to help you deal with tricks. Apart from that, the instructors also help you to clear your doubts on any question.

The assessments track your performance and let you compare your accuracy with that of other learners. It has 5 full-length mock tests that prepare you for the strenuous 4 hours of GRE. It also provides a detailed personalized feedback report for each mock test and helps you to identify the areas that you need to work on.

The Galvanize Vocabulary app is the best vocabulary booster I have come across. The words are presented with their meanings, usages, and a picture that significantly aids in memory retention. It also has an app containing question banks that help you to practice questions on the go!”

Sai Harsha M
B.Tech in Mechanical
IIT Dharwad
GRE – Score – 327
IELTS Score – 7.5
MS in Industrial Engineering

“One of my seniors took coaching through Galvanize test prep & he saw a huge improvement in his score. He recommended Galvanize & it is the most affordable GRE test prep. I don’t think any other platform gives such a reasonable price even with counseling, GRE, IELTS/ TOEFL. I scored 308 on my diagnostic test. I felt it was a fine score and could improve because I knew where I was making mistakes. My senior convinced me as he too got a low score in diagnostic and his final score was great. He advised me to identify the mistake & work on it. So I followed that. The customized study plan was beneficial. So Galvanize set my study plan accordingly to the best of my capabilities.

The GRE verbal app was of great help to me.  Sometimes I felt it was difficult as I was weak in the verbal section. Some levels were difficult and some I could do it confidently. The tougher levels gave me an understanding of where I was weak.  My doubts were solved. The course managers were great. The constant reminders and warnings on my status of where I lack, really helped a lot. I will surely recommend Galvanize to anyone because first, it is very reasonable and if you follow it rigorously without losing confidence by understanding your mistakes, I think anybody can score 320+ I think the Mock test at Galvanize is more difficult than the actual GRE. It is good to be that way.It gave me a real-life experience. I looked at the personalized reports and learned a lot from them.”

Sree Ganesh
B.Tech in Automobile Engg.,
IIT Madras
IELTS Score – 8

I heard about Galvanize via email while I was at IIT Madras. I have always dreamed of achieving excellence within the realm of education. My impactful and friendly interaction with the Galvanize team instilled a great sense of confidence within me. It fostered the belief that I possess the skill sets to acquire the expertise for teaching at a university abroad, ideally in my dream destination, New Zealand. I started my preparation journey with Galvanize, benefitting from their meticulously designed and methodical approach. Their structured practice sessions played a significant role in the expansion of my knowledge base. The sessions were also extremely helpful, leading me to achieve a perfect score of 9 in both the listening and reading sections and an overall score of 8. So, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Galvanize team for their extended support and guidance throughout my IELTS endeavor

Vijay Simha B
B.Tech in Marine & Ocean Engg.,
IIT Madras

I Got to know about Galvanize from an event at my University. I want to dive deep into my area of interest and work with great minds out there. The TOEFL course in Galvanize is very substantial. There were numerous assignments and several mock tests for the preparation, which helped. Every assignment or mock test is at a level higher than the ETS standards. The mock tests are of great quality in assessing our progress, and the scores obtained in mock tests are more than what a student can expect from TOEFL

Shyam S
GRE Score- 330
IIT Kanpur
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
MS in Statistics

“Galvanize coaching has a pretty decent online program. They cover all the question types in the verbal section thoroughly and provide with proper tips and techniques. I used to have a notion that the verbal section is purely based on vocabulary and not much thinking goes into it. They helped me change that notion and made me attack each question in a logical and iterative manner. Their exercises and tests helped me a lot.

Also, they had a decent amount of practice for the AWA part in which I was least confident. Their exercises and tests made me improve a lot. And their personalized feedback regarding the AWA part in the third mock test was helpful.

The Mock tests were very useful and were fairly accurate in predicting your actual GRE score. In every mock test, AWA was graded which helped me a lot in understanding where I stand.

The Galvanize preparation was fairly sufficient. In the end, it all comes down to how well you understood to attack the questions in the verbal section.”

Mohit A
B.Tech Petrochemical Engg.,
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
MS – Engineering Management

“My journey with Galvanize goes for about 8-9 months. I heard about Galvanize on quora and registered myself for GRE preparation, then followed by admission counseling. People at Galvanize are really helpful, it is not like other admission counseling services which only work for money and in the end give you nothing.

Special mention to my counselor, who has been a constant support in this journey. Because of her expertise, I was admitted to various institutions like Dartmouth, Duke, Johns Hopkins, etc. From managing the SOPs, LORs, and my resume to tracking the deadlines of all the universities, everything was handled perfectly by my mentor.

I would certainly recommend anyone who wants to pursue their dream of higher studies wherever in the world, to consider Galvanize.”

Rajarshi G
GRE Score- 327
TOEFL – 110
IIT ISM (Dhanbad)


MS in Electronics Engineering

“Galvanize stood out among the GRE prep courses I researched online. The quality of learning materials, tests, & assignments available were all very high standard, & they helped me tremendously in understanding the types of questions I would encounter on the actual GRE. This ultimately contributed to my strong score.

The course placed a special emphasis on the verbal section, which was where I struggled the most. My Course Manager continuously motivated me and regularly checked on my progress, ensuring I was on track for the exam date. As a result, I achieved a great score on the GRE, with a verbal score of 159 and a quant score of 168. My total score was 327, with a 4.5 out of 6 on the analytical writing section.

Overall, I highly recommend the Galvanize GRE course to anyone looking to prepare for the exam. The quant materials also helped me a lot in revising the basic mathematical formula & basic mathematical concepts. The online software for the Galvanize GRE course is very helpful in gaining all the progress  & assignments that were pending on our part. The Data analytics report the course gives us after each assignment allows us to assess ourselves on what we can do better & what we have missed in the assignments so that we can correct it in the final GRE.

The Galvanize GRE mobile app is very useful –  I would give it a 4.7 / 5. When I began preparing for the GRE I was very worried about the verbal section but the Course Managers kept on motivating me & followed me up regularly so that I could deliver on the final exam date. I highly recommend the Galvanize course to any friend who wants to take the GRE.”

Ritvik T in Mechanical Engg.,
IIT Dharwad
MS in Data Science

“My UG college once sent out an email that allowed us to take a free mock GRE test. This is how I was introduced to Galvanize. Later, I attended a few webinars & found Galvanize to be cool & well-informed. I liked the informative webinars & the speaker-student interactions.

It provided me with a lot of insight & gave me the confidence I needed to choose Galvanize. The process went well & ended with me receiving admissions from all the universities that I had applied to. SOP – Iteration process, this was probably the best part of this whole process. I liked the interaction with the writers, communicating & expressing our thoughts in Google Docs.

My admission counselor was very supportive from the beginning. He was probably one of my best mentors & we used to talk for 1-1.5 hrs straight, not just about admissions & academics, but also about other interesting things. I’ve been recommending Galvanize to my friends interested in a master’s abroad. I liked the experience & it felt like a cakewalk all because of my admission counselor. It seemed good, the UI might seem a little intimidating at first, with all the scores popping up as soon as we open the website, but sometimes, that’s the only factor that drives us & evokes a spark in us to work a little harder.

I’d ask you to trust whatever your admission counselor tells you because they’ve seen a lot of students like us. My experience with Galvanize was purely amazing!”

Tharun S
B.Tech in Mechanical
IIT Bhubaneshwar
MS in Mechanical 

“Admission counseling is the part where I liked the service of Galvanize most. Each part of the admission process is well organized, and the real-time status is updated based on the inputs provided by the user. They have done a great job of crafting my SOPs, LOR, and resume for the application process. Each will get their counselor for the complete admission process. My counselor understood my profile very well and gave the necessary suggestions whenever I needed them.

She was really helpful while shortlisting universities and gathering required documentation for applications and visa processing. Galvanize also helps with everything related to US visas, be it mock interviews, DS160 forms, or visa applications. They provide a checklist of documents needed for visas and everything. Overall, I saved a lot of time with galvanize in my hand and I would recommend choosing the galvanize services if you are a working person.”

Rupendar Reddy
M.Tech in Civil Engg.,
IIT Madras

I initially discovered Galvanize through promotional emails sent by my college, which included an offer for a complimentary GRE practice test. Intrigued by the opportunity to enhance my career prospects, explore better job opportunities, access world-class research facilities, and secure improved funding, I decided to enroll in Galvanize. Additionally, I am eager to broaden my horizons by experiencing diverse cultures and perspectives. I was also impressed by Galvanize’s interview guidance, and overall, my experience with them was positive throughout my journey

Rahil S
B.Tech in Engineering Physics,
IIT Madras
MS in Optics & Phonics

“I am glad to share that I got admitted to Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, majoring in Optics and Photonics.  I needed help in writing and structuring my SOP. I also couldn’t narrow down the universities I wanted to apply to, to which Galvanize was a great help. I got to know about Galvanize through a webinar. The university shortlisting process went on smoothly. I got admitted to all the universities I applied to. The first iteration itself was amazing. The questions asked were on point. I would say the SOP creation was the highlight of my Galvanize experience.”

The admissions head at Galvanize was of great help to me. She was straightforward with my questions, and I wasn’t confused with bogus answers. The experience, on the whole, was good. With Galvanize, you can dream big and not be afraid to apply to high-ranked universities.

Utkarsh S
B.Tech in EEE
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
GRE Score – 316
MS in Computer Science

“Initially, I only enrolled myself in the GRE preparation program and loved it. Everything was online and systematic. They provided a daily schedule, which kept me motivated and on track for my routine tasks. Regular mock tests were incredibly helpful in analyzing my strengths and weaknesses. This allowed me to focus more on areas that needed improvement.

After taking the GRE and TOEFL, I decided to utilize their Counselling Service as well. This turned out to be the best decision I made throughout my application process. Juggling work and applications was quite challenging, and Galvanize came to the rescue.

Upon enrollment, I was assigned a fantastic counselor. She guided me through the entire journey, from managing my profile to visa approval. Her team took meticulous care of everything, including SOPs, resumes, LORs, college shortlistings, and all the little details. Her support was invaluable throughout this process. Even when I faced initial rejections, my counselor kept me motivated. I’m confident that she’ll be there for me if I need help in the future.”

Maheeth R
B.Tech in CSE
IIT Patna
MS in Computer Science

“It was a good experience working with Galvanize for my Master’s admissions. GRE and TOEFL preparatory courses were representative of the actual tests. My counsellor Alfia always took my feedback during every step of the university shortlisting and application process.

The editorial help for the documentation was valuable. My SOP wouldn’t have turned out they way it did without their inputs. I am glad that I could get into the MSCS program at University of Southern California. Thank you for the support Galvanize!

Note: The process happens remotely and their support was personalized and robust. You can be in touch with the counselor through calls and messages.”

Peeyush D
B.Tech in CSE
IIT Gandhinagar
MS in Machine Learning

“Galvanize provided me with their best service at affordable prices starting from the Statement of Purpose and Resume to the Visa Interview. I have utilized the Statement of Purpose and Visa help services. In the phase Statement of Purpose, their Google form played a huge role in understanding and refining our motives. Based on the Google form, they made a smooth Statement of Purpose and built a good resume.

You can use up to 5 and 3 iterations to update the Statement of Purpose and Resume respectively. In the phase Visa Interview, they assisted me in filling out the DS-160 form, scheduling the visa appointment, taking visa mocks, and suggesting the required documents for the visa interview.

My counselor was friendly and had expertise in providing solutions to any specific problem. Overall, I had a very good experience with the team. I am happy now that I got into the University of Maryland, College Park to study MPS in Machine Learning.”

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Gourab D
M.Tech in Materials Science
IIT Kanpur
IMEC Belgium
PhD in Material Characterization & Atomic Deposition

“I recently took the GRE, & I have to say, the Galvanize prep materials were fantastic. Both the quantitative & verbal sections were well-structured & helped me improve significantly. Initially, my scores were fairly balanced, but thanks to Galvanize, I saw a big jump in both areas. The personalized reports were particularly helpful. They pinpointed my weaknesses, like algebra and specifically quantitative comparisons.

I learned about Galvanize through an email sent to our IIT mailing list. Before that, I explored other GRE prep courses like Magoosh. Ultimately, I chose Galvanize because it was more affordable and offered a wider range of practice questions, which was important to me. My parents are happy with my 12-score GRE improvement. Thankfully, I was also enrolled in Galvanize’s admissions process support program.

Overall, I highly recommend Galvanize. They offer a comprehensive package that covers everything you need. Even beyond the GRE prep, their admissions support program has been incredibly helpful. Everyone at Galvanize is professional and dedicated to your success. They truly are a one-stop solution for tackling graduate school applications.”

Yashwanth D
GRE Score- 321
Verbal- 152 Quant- 169
IIT Patna

“I am Yashwanth, an alumnus of IIT – Patna. The tests are really good & very similar to the actual GRE. The learning material is also very helpful. As a working professional, I can’t attend the classroom training program. For this reason, I found the online training program very helpful.

As soon as I completed my mock test, I was eagerly waiting for my PFR to overcome my negatives. The report also helped me get my exam strategy ready.
The most important person in my whole GRE preparation is the course manager.

First and foremost, I thank her for being part of my successful GRE journey. She paid attention to every minute detail and helped me to overcome my weaknesses easily.

Herambh D
GRE Score- 327
TOEFL score – 111
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad 

“Galvanize’s TOEFL preparation and coaching program is extensive, covering all the sections of the exam in a balanced manner. I prepared for my exam for about two weeks, and I was able to get a 111/120.

For the writing and speaking sections especially, one needs someone with experience to review it and provide feedback, and that’s exactly what I got with Galvanize. I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for TOEFL preparation.”

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Co-Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & COO

M.S, Stanford University

Sriram Venkataraman

Co-Founder & Chief Product Architect

B.Tech, IIT Madras

Jayanthy Ramakrishnan 

 Head of Admissions

Ph.d., University of Tennessee

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